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Retal Group was established in 2004 in the Arab Republic of Egypt as a holding group
It includes a group of companies that work in multiple fields such as:
Real estate development – construction of tourist resorts – hotel management – travel and tourism – automotive field
In the Retal Group of Companies, we consider ourselves one of the leading companies in the field of real estate development spanning over 20 years. Within the framework of forming and establishing a group of real estate and tourism companies, the Retal Group has succeeded in providing a high level of tourist, residential and commercial real estate projects that meet all the needs of its customers and exceed their expectations to guarantee them a full life. Comfort and luxury and always be their best choice.

 With the constant development and continuous research into the aspirations and trends of our customers and the endeavor to meet them with the latest planning and construction methods, Retal Real Estate Development began directing its projects and services to include a wider geographical scope in Ain Sokhna, the North Coast, New Cairo, and the capital. The new administration, with the highest standards of quality and accuracy, began implementing its projects in the most distinguished locations.

About Retal Group


At Retal, we always strive to be one of the leading real estate development companies in providing a high level of projects and services and to be the first choice for customers looking for housing or investment.


Always looking for the best by providing integrated tourism, commercial and residential projects, to meet all customer requirements through a good study of the real estate market in Egypt while developing a complete strategy for managing hotels and tourist resorts to suit our customers.


Trust and credibility: We believe that honesty in dealings is the basis of success, that commitment to transparency creates trust, and that honesty, integrity, and justice are the foundation of a brand’s reputation.
Flexibility: We are keen to provide our customers with the best opportunities and choices, whether for housing or investment, and to obtain the best payment methods that suit their needs and are compatible with each of them’s lifestyle.
Excellence: We strive to achieve excellence in everything we do in order to meet the expectations of our customers and always be their best choice.
Development: We take care of the smallest details and look forward to constantly developing our capabilities to deliver our projects before the specified date according to the agreed upon specifications.

Saeed Hassan

Chairman of Retal Developments

Our vision in managing the company revolves around a basic principle that we all believe in in the Retal Group of Companies The company's clients are essential partners and supporters of the company's achievements and the source of its true strength, and this is what always drives us to direct our accumulated experience over more than 20 years in the field of real estate and tourism development so that our projects have a prominent imprint and added value to the real estate sector to meet the aspirations of our valued clients.

Abdallah Zaky

Co Founder & CEO of Retal Developments

We always strive to apply the best local and international administrative standards in the field of real estate development and develop the best marketing and operational plans in the field of managing and establishing hotels and tourist resorts to achieve the best results.

Per conubia nostra, per inceptos hime Mauris in erat justom etone. Per conub per inceptos hime naeos.

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